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A Free, Family Christmas Adventure comes to Newry

This festive season, families in Newry will be able to have a great day out with this augmented reality story trail.
As part of local Christmas celebrations, this Friday and Saturday, Newry BID has teamed up with High Street Safari to run a free family, trail in Newry.
This innovative experience lets each family choose what happens in the story as they go around, and enables anyone with a smartphone to take part.
Players not only hunt down missing Christmas presents along the route, but they can also make story choices, choose-your-adventure style.
At each stop, players can then ‘release’ the cheeky Christmas Imps and see them burst to life in augmented reality. 😮
This is a free, exciting event for your kids to enjoy while you are out doing some Christmas shopping!
‘Hunt for the Lost Toys’ is located at ten stops around the town center, positioned so that families can discover hidden parts of the town.
Families will be guided on their trip by The Luminauts, a team of superheroes, on an adventure as they find the lost presents and conclude the story.
The trail takes about forty-five minutes to complete but can be completed in more than one visit.
It’s completely free for families and groups to take part in and they win a free, digital fun pack at the end.
The trail works without the need for families to download or sign up for anything, and works on any smart device.
The first location is on the window of a certain library… 📚
LINK TO BEGIN: (this site is designed for mobiles)
To find out more about the trail, visit the website: