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Business Support Update 12th January 2021

We have been dealing with many enquiries over recent days in relation to business support. There are so many schemes, it can be difficult the know what exactly applies to your business. We are here to assist all our BID members at the current time with help getting access to grants, HR advice and general support. Due to the #stayathome messaging and regulations we are currently working from home. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

Eamonn Connolly, Newry BID Manager said, “The major issue we currently have, is the speed at which businesses are able to access financial support. We have heard about various schemes including the ‘Company Director’ scheme being announced in recent months which to date, has not been opened. We also await details on what the High Street Voucher Scheme will look like and when it will be implemented, post restrictions.

“I am dealing daily with people concerned about furlough for their teams, the self-employment grants, the lack of support for certain sectors, the pace at which grants are paid and the complex stream of information about changes and updates to regulations.
“Businesses do not need announcements they need quick, decisive action and financial support. We need clarity on what exact support applies to businesses impacted in Northern Ireland and how and when they can access it. We will continue to lobby on behalf of everyone of our members to help you access support to get you through the current difficulties.

“BBC NI did a simple round up yesterday of what is currently available. You can access this information through the link below.”
Coronavirus: What support is there for my NI business? – BBC News

“It is our hope that with the impact of the current lockdown restrictions, a comprehensive vaccination programme and ‘at pace’ delivery of business support from Government we can get through this together.
“We hope that pending our revote in February/March 2021, we in the Newry BID area will emerge as a business community ready for recovery. With us to support you along the way we want to ensure you feel like you belong to a strong, resilient city centre. We will be ready in invest in promoting and marketing Newry and we will be here to deliver for you individually and collectively in the years ahead.”


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