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Consultation on Proposed Civic Centre

The Council have submitted their planning application for a proposed new “Civic Hub” development at Abbey Way.

You can view the application by logging onto the Planning Register on the Planning Portal, opening the link to the Public Register website and entering the planning application reference number (as quoted above). The Planning Portal also enables you to track the progress of this planning application.

To ensure you understand the development under consideration, you should view the plans and forms before commenting on the application should you wish to do so.  Representations raising valid planning matters must be submitted to Council Planning in writing as soon as possible to allow the case officer to consider any relevant comments before a decision is made on the application.
Comments can be submitted:

Please ensure you include the planning application reference number with your comments.

The details of any representation received will be published on the Planning Register on the Planning Portal and will be made available for public viewing. Any personal or sensitive information contained in your representation (with the exception of your name and postal address) will not be published. Further information can be found at Planning Privacy Notice (

Council will acknowledge receipt of your written representation but are unable to provide an individual response.