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Covid 19 Recovery Grant Scheme – URGENT

Please find the Expression of Interest form here (EOI (blank form) Covid 19 Recovery Revitilisation Scheme) for Grant Funding scheme approved to help businesses deal with Covid-19.

The process is as follows:

Complete Expression of Interest and return by noon on August 28th.

The formal application will follow.

Subject to approval – accept Letter of Offer.

Provide quotes for works/purchases.

Grant will be released after confirmation of approved spend.

Note – works or purchases cannot take place before any offer is accepted/received back.

Note – Planning / Building Control is likely required for new signage.

The BID will help members with the grant process – please contact us at

The grant will be up to a 100% refund of expenditure up to an approved amount. The approved amount will be dictated by how many applications and are approved. 

Expressions of Interest have to be back with Council by noon on Friday 28th August.