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In April the staff of ‘We are Dublin Town’ were invited to meet with the Newry BID Company. The Dublin BID has provided a range of services to Dublin businesses, increasing footfall, sales and raising the profile of Dublin City on an international platform. We look forward to working with Dublin BID and taking inspiration from similar BIDs to help us deliver our plans for Newry City!

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Suzanne Murdock, from The Hub Newry, enjoyed the Dublin BID meeting: 

‘The team told us first-hand about their stories and journey to its evolving success and the enormous, positive impact the project and the team is having on Dublin’s Business district as a whole.  Whilst individually targeting specific sectors including café culture, bars and retail the BID has allowed them to appeal to individual and bespoke audiences from a marketing and branding perspective and then to scale up with each sector having its own marketing channels and bringing them altogether under one umbrella website for an even bigger impact. The scale of events and initiatives blew us away!’‘