The company Carolina International Foods Ltd. is resident in Northern Ireland has operated continuously since 2008. SC Int Foods Ltd has throughout Northern Ireland the largest Polish chain stores. It consists of up to 19 proprietary stores under the brand name ,, Carolina Shop “. They are multi – grocery stores with a wide assortment of more than 3500 to 4000 Polish products purchased from well-known and popular Polish manufacturers. We work directly with the biggest Polish producers of food and a large number of Polish food wholesalers, dairy, vegetable, sausage and chemical and pharmacy.

Opening up to diverse customer needs in 2015, the company introduced to the trade in goods products Lithuanian.

We also have a large and properly equipped warehouses stocked with Polish food products, refrigerators, freezers and their own bakeries under the name “Thomas Bakery” and butchers ,, Carolina Butcher Shop “.

All foods, meats, dairy products, fresh vegetables, fresh bread and fresh meat are supplied to all the shops every day for 6 days a week. Goods are dowożony own new, adapted transport fleet by experienced drivers in their work.

The most important and a priority issue for the company is in compliance with labor standards and European requirements and standards and requirements of the local sanepidu. This is evidenced by the fact that the stores Carolina Shop have a maximum 5-star rating from the local sanepidu in the field of Food Hygiene.

An important issue for the company is also introducing new products on a regular basis to shops and promote them. The company every day becomes the customer’s expectations and wishes of even the most demanding buyers. Evidence of this is to have more than 12,000 regular customers in Northern Ireland.

Regular customers of the company pleased handed Loyalty Card, which allows cheaper shopping in the whole chain of stores Carolina Shop. Each holder of the Loyalty Card can make purchases up to 10% discount.

Providing services to customers priority issue in our network of stores is the quality and freshness of our products and accordingly low price, which customers will be satisfied.

Carolina International Foods Ltd from 23.05.2012 continuously participates in the program Reliable Company and provides a range of information to demonstrate its credibility.

The success of our company operates 84 skilled and trained workers in this industry. They are characterized by long-time work experience in the food industry and long work experience in our company. This applies to all departments of the company – from office workers, managers, supervisors, warehouse workers, drivers, butchers, bakers and employees of service shops.

In the last 2 years, the company has invested in the development of shops Carolina Shop enormous financial decks. Conducted modernization shops changing premises so that all the shops were sufficiently large, comfortable and have the same standard. You can see the pictures in the photo gallery shops on our website in the Gallery. The company is continuing its constant modernization, development and opening of new stores network Karolina Shop. It plans to expand operations in other cities of Northern Ireland and the hopes of not only here.

All our customers enjoy a successful shopping in a comfortable web shops ,, Carolina Shop “and the producers and wholesalers to more fruitful cooperation. Let us work so that our mutual customers are even more satisfied.

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