mac was founded 15 years ago with the mission to construct, restore, recondition and repurpose commercial buildings; to exceed the expectations of clients, consultants and staff; and to question and improve upon all that has gone before.

Your construction project will present very specific challenges, and the key to its successful completion lies in the forensic examination of the scope in order to extract the unique Pain Points. Our superpower is creating a specialist team for your project, selected from our 120+ resource that will plan for and mitigate these challenges.


It is only through working on large-scale, complex fit out projects that pose similar challenges to yours that our professional team has gained the knowledge and expertise required to safely guide the project whilst at the same time utilising their experience to innovate and respond flexibly to unforeseen issues.

The methodologies and protocols deployed on our sites are developed from the unique needs of you – the owners and occupants of the buildings we work in.

We expect to exceed your expectations. Based on the key deliverables of your project, our price represents the best value for your money.

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