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McKeagney Chemists was founded in 1965 by James & Teresa McKeagney. Their first pharmacy opened in Irvinestown, Co.Fermanagh. In 1975 another pharmacy was purchased, Barney McConvilles, in Edward Street, Lurgan. This pharmacy is now the head office of the group. The group is managed by Sheelin McKeagney. Sheelin graduated from the Liverpool School Of Pharmacy in 1990.

We have pharmacies in Lurgan, Portadown and Newry. Our ethos is very much based around  pharmacy in the community. We work with community groups & schools to deliver health education & promotion messages. Our service reaches far beyond the production of prescriptions in our pharmacies. We help people stop smoking, provide assistance to people confused by their medication, specialist care to people who need pain relief and symptoms during terminal care.

We provide training for pharmacy students during their preregistration training years.

Community Pharmacists provide the single most common healthcare intervention of any healthcare professional in Northern Ireland. We, as a professional group, provide close to 30 million prescriptions to patients in Northern Ireland. This is done in a safe & effective manner, getting the correct drug at the right dose to the right patient as often as is humanly possible.

The department of health surveys demonstrate the very high levels of patient satisfaction with the service, with annual ratings over 98% of patients either satisfied or very satisfied with their pharmaceutical service.

We are members of the Trading group Numark (link and the National Pharmacy Association (link

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