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Motis Ireland Ltd is one of the most progressive shipping companies in Europe with over 2000 customers throughout Europe. Our network covers over 500 Freight Ferry routes throughout Europe and many other services relating to the European Transport industry. Our Head office is based in Newry, Northern Ireland and is open 24 hours, 7 days a week to take bookings, we also have a Sales office in Stoke on Trent (England) and local office's in Prague (Czech Republic), Poznan (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Bucharest (Romania) as well as sales representation in Germany, France and the Benelux. We have also made significant Investments within the Port of Dover providing Truck Parking Facilities and Logistical Services 24 hours a day.


Motis was founded in October of 2002 by David McComb and Patrick Hutley. It began as the preferred supplier for P&O shipping services from the UK to the Continent and then steadily grew to offer a wide range of services including shipping on the Irish Sea, English Channel, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, Adriatic Sea and Intermodal transport through the Alps as well as passes for the Mont Blanc and Frejus Tunnel. Beginning in a small office on the main street of Newry with only 5 employees, Motis now has a newly refurbished head-office in Newry and employees over 80 people throughout Europe.


We now have a strong presence throughout Europe on most major (and many minor!) Freight ferry routes and also provide additional services to strengthen this. Our Logistic's Management division can offer Unit load services throughout Europe as well as providing our customers with a useful backload service. We are able to provide Fuel Cards and Toll facilities throughout Europe which and more recently we have invested a significant amounts to developing our Truck Park / Logistical services Facility within the Port of Dover. All this allows us to provide a really powerful package adding significant value to our cusomer base.


As mentioned, Motis have had a significant presence within the Port of Dover for the last 2 years. Motis Freight Services Agency has Truck Parking for over 320 Trucks. We are able to offer Cargo Handling, Short or Long Term storage (Ambient, Refrigerated and ADR), off loads, On-Carriage, Dartford Crossing/HGV Levy Payment as well as being the main Customs Clearance point for many Agencies clearing goods destined to / from outside the EU. We are currently investing significant amounts to improve the facilities to drivers who are using our site. Our Presence in Dover enables Motis to provide a complete service package to Transport companies travelling to / from the Continent and achieve true "partnership" status.

What we offer

Motis is committed to providing the highest level of service to all it's customers, no matter how big or small they may be. We offer 24 hour service for bookings by phone (+44) 028 30 2525 00, Fax, Email and now provide the ability to make all your bookings online through this website.

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