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Our Role

The role of the NICTS is to:

  • provide administrative support for Northern Ireland’s courts and tribunals;
  • support an independent Judiciary;
  • provide advice to the Minister of Justice (the Minister) on matters relating to the operation of the courts and tribunals;
  • enforce civil court judgments through the Enforcement of Judgments Office (EJO);
  • manage funds held in court on behalf of minors and patients;
  • provide high quality courthouses and tribunal hearing centres; and
  • act as the Central Authority for the registration of judgments under certain international conventions.



The Corporate aim of the NICTS is ‘Serving the Community through the Administration of Justice’ and we aim, at all times, to demonstrate the following corporate values –

Integrity to interact with our customers with the highest degree of integrity, promoting an atmosphere of honesty and trust;

Openness to undertake our work in an open and transparent manner;

Professionalism to conduct our business to the highest standards;

Accountability to be responsible for delivering a high quality service to the public;

Fairness to treat everyone fairly.


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