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New Sector Specific Guidance

Newry BID in partnership with Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade​ joined a teleconference on behalf of our businesses with the PSNI’s Assistant Chief Constable, Alan Todd, Gold Command for Covid-19.

We were reassured by his message that there are additional resources on the streets to protect shops and businesses, as well businesses in remote locations like industrial estates. He made it clear that there will be more policing in more places and they will be enforcing the health and safety regulations.

In addition to safeguarding premises, they will be paying particular attention to beauty spots, parks and seaside locations. If you don’t need to be in these places you will be asked to go home. They will also issue penalty enforcements if necessary.

As businesses it is important that we abide by the health advice and stay at home. If we all abide by these messages then the quicker it will be when we are all back in business.