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The Newry BID team completed an in-depth research and analytical phase gathering data, carrying out market research with stakeholders and hosting seminars and workshops to establish business needs, areas for improvement and potential BID Projects.  This information was been presented initially in our Consultation Paper which led to the development of Newry City’s first Business Plan which outlines main projects, budgets and consultation results upon which the BID Ballot will be based.  Throughout this process, we received expert guidance from BID consultants, place management experts, private sector and the public sector representatives which has helped shape the Newry BID model. Eligible businesses  were asked to take part in a ballot between 24th of September and the 5th November 2015.  On the 6th November, businesses voted YES to a BID for Newry.

We are now officially a BID area and the Newry BID Company is now operational as of 8th March 2016.  We have established a business-led Board made up of local businesses and stakeholders, many of whom were involved in driving the Newry BID Campaign forward.  Next year we hope to increase the size of our Board and will be inviting new members to participate and represent their sector or area.


Newry was declared a BID on 6th November 2015.  You can see how the event played out here. The declaration followed a ballot result and was held in local business, Finegan & Son, Kildare Street. For more on the event and results follow: Newry BID Results.




The Newry BID business plan followed our BID Consultation paper which was distributed to stakeholders prior to the BID ballot in 2016.


The Newry BID Company has been operational since 8th March 2016.   There has been a transitionary period between the ballot declaration and the set up of the company to allow for the agreement of operational matters, the allocation of the budget, appointment of staff, organisation of the BID Launch, establishment of a board, co-opted members and working groups to ensure matters are progressed through a process of consultation.

Our board appointed Christine McElvanna, from JMK Solicitors as Chairperson of Newry BID, Peter Murray from the Buttercrane Centre sits as our Deputy Chairperson.    We have a number of new business members who have joined the BID to work on our particular focus areas : Promotion of the City Centre, Supporting Business and Improving our City.   We have recently commenced a new Branding Strategy for the Newry City area and are reviewing a number of cost cutting initiatives to help support our business community and demonstrate return on investment.   We are now members of NI BIDs and will receive expert advice on improving Newry City through the BID model for the next 12 months at least.