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Newry VIP Shopper – Time Slot Booking System

Newry BID in partnership with Pearlai has developed an online time slot booking feature that allows customers to book their preferred time slot to individual retailers guaranteeing they won’t have to queue.

This service is fully funded by Newry BID and is FREE to fully subscribed to Newry BID members.

Please see the link below on how it works.

Benefits Include:

  • Shoppers won’t have wasted journeys.
  • Shoppers will feel safer knowing they won’t have to queue and will know how many others will be in the store during their selected time slot.
  • Tenants will know how many shoppers will be visiting them at any given time or day in advance, this will enable them to manage their staffing requirements, keeping their staff’s health and safety in mind.
  • Tenants will know when their quieter periods are and can create promotional campaigns specifically for those times to increase shopper visits.
  • Shoppers who book a time slot for a retailer are almost certain to make a purchase.
  • If tenants know they can safely serve 100 / 200 / 1000 shoppers per day then all they have to do is fill their booking slots.
  • Having demographic data on the shoppers who book will enable them to create better more personalised customer engagements while they visit them.
  • Through Péarlai’s system, they can engage with their customers safely through SMS.



Here is a link to 2 quick demo videos showing how it works for your business and the shopper. Newry BID will be providing window decals to instruct your customers who are not VIP’s how they can become a VIP and book their time slot in the future:

Retailer / business demo video
Shopper booking time slot demo video