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STRATA from The Welcome People, is an intelligent, dynamic mobile app specifically designed for organisations involved in street management and placemaking.

STRATA enables you to collect all the data you need; delegate your staff and third party suppliers; communicate with your stakeholders and manage your front-line resources across street cleansing, security and customer service functions.

Designed and developed by the UK’s leading provider of street management services for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs/BIAs), STRATA delivers real benefits to those involved in operational management.

The Welcome People Ambassadors are our eyes and ears on the ground and are able to provide that extra level of measurable and (immeasurable) intelligence that not only helps us in our day-to-day operation but also influences longer term strategic decisions.


– Estate Improvement Manager of The Cadogan Estate


Real-time data capture
STRATA sets in motion a time, date and location sensitive process that starts the second an issue or interaction is reported

Capture dynamic issues
Find the issue from the pre-loaded list

Capture detailed visitor demographics
Know more about your visitors – where they’re from, where they’re going to


Immediate tasking of staff and third parties
All issues reported can be sent immediately by email with photo evidence to third party agencies (local goverment helpline, local Police Department, in-house cleansing teams) for action

Eliminate duplicate reporting of issues
STRATA shows you what’s already been reported by your staff in the immediate geographical area

Effective management of Service Level Agreements
STRATA reminds your staff to check and update issues, enabling you to have a clear understanding of performance against set targets


Date sensitive trend analysis of any issue reported
Be ahead of the game – compare one period to another and be able to visualize the differences

Heat map/cluster map visualization of issues and interactions
Shows you where the problems are and allows you to drill down for more information

Clear visuals and statistics, exportable into excel
STRATA takes the stress out of meetings and presentations. Download the information you need and print or export

Real-time status of all issues logged
At a glance see what’s going on and how your agencies and staff are performing

Visitor profiling
Tell your businesses who their customers are

GPS location mapping shows your staff and where they are

Staff productivity reporting across multiple disciplines

Instant visual comparison of individual staff vs team performance