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Zen Day Spa Recognised As A Best-in-Class All Ireland business

Local Newry business Zen Day Spa received All-Star All-Ireland Business Award last Thursday in Croke Park, recognising the business as one of the most prestigious indigenous business in Ireland in relation to the All-Ireland Business Foundation three success pillars metrics: performance, trust and customer centricity. It is a fabulous recognition to bring to the Northern Ireland business community and Newry area after 3 years of operating.

Zen Day Spa, Newry based company receive Irish All Star Business Award – Press release


Zen Day Spa, Newry based business was recognised last week in Croke Park as one of the Best-in-Class Irish business, “All-Star Business” award was presented to local entrepreneur Lisa McCrink by Dr Briga Hynes and Sentor Aodhan O’Riodain.

Business All-Stars award and accreditation quality mark signified Zen Day Spa as progressive indigenous all-Ireland business, that has met the highest quality standards of verified performance, trust and customer centricity in a rigorous selection criteria throughout all of Ireland.

This accreditation is overseen by the prestigious All-Ireland Business Foundation, a national body responsible for identifying an accrediting Best in Class Irish Businesses as Business All-Stars. Whose adjudication panel is chaired by Dr Briga Hynes of the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick and Kieran Ring, CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics. Dr Hynes commented:

This accreditation is now held by over 350 firms, identifying small and medium businesses who operate to the highest quality standards in Ireland. Each business goes through at least two interviews and scored on every part of the process against a set of metrics.


The Foundation panel evaluated Zen Day Spas companys background, trustworthiness and performance and we spoke to their customers, employees and vendors. We also anonymously approached the company as a customer and report back on the experience.


We believe in a marketplace where Best-in-Class companies are clearly identifiable and where consumers can purchase with confidence from All-Star accredited businesses. The Foundation promotes its accredited businesses to Irish consumers, giving them confidence and reassurance when making their purchasing decisions


The Foundation offers Accredited All-Star businesses the opportunity to engage in peer-dialogue, collaboration and support each other by forming part of the foundation’s TRIBE – The Register of Irish Business Excellence.


Zen Day Spa is a welcoming haven of tranquility and calm situated in the heart of Newry’s City Centre away from the hustle and bustle of busy everyday lives. Award Winning Zen Day Spa employs specialists that are counted among the best in their field and consistently provide excellent 5 star customer service which exceeds expectations. Zen Day Spa offer a variety of luxurious treatments and services (beauty, spa, advanced skin care, aesthetic, events). They don’t just specialise in one area, which Zen clients love.


Lisa McCrink from Zen Day Spa commented following the All-Star Business presentation:

On behalf of my team at Zen Day Spa, we are thrilled to receive the All-Star Business Medal and Accreditation Certification at Croke Park last week. The accreditation process gave me the opportunity to reflect on our brand story, achievements, how we created an unique Zen experience to date and ambitious growth strategy over the past three years. With the recent property development earlier this year, we have trebled in size, with now ten treatment rooms and more relaxation space for clients to enjoy the Zen experience.


The opportunity to receive first-hand feedback from the panel, our employees, customers and suppliers through the reference check round was particularly insightful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Foundation for recognizing the hard work we have invested to help us achieve this accreditation; also thank the Zen Manager Catherine and my gorgeous team for their heart warming dedication and passion in delivering the highest treatment standards and always embodying the Zen ethos to the benefit the wellness of our clients.” 


Zen Day Spa team belief, community ethos and passion for client’s well-being is the catalyst for great success, enabling quick innovation and impressive growth, exceeding all expectations. The Lisa and the Zen team look forward to implementing more exciting and positive challenging strategy plans are in place for future growth continuing to meet and exceed the standard set by the AIBF.


Clients visit Zen for its personalised community ambiance, professional advice, exquisite customer service & centricity. Fostering a Zen atmosphere which allows our guests to relax and renew; providing an unforgettable experience that improves clients wellbeing through services designed around their needs; this sets Zen Day Spa apart.  Zen’s clients feel special, valued and trust the team every time they visit. The team work diligently to ensure that clients time at the spa is the best part of their day and an unforgettable positive experience.


Regular clients Sally & Mauritia had stated:

My Mum and I are regular clients at Zen Day Spa during the past year. We were delighted to be the first clients in Zens new premises; it is a new beautiful peaceful haven! Hidden tranquil gem in the Centre of Newry, it offers a surreal experience in gorgeous surroundings. The new premises has thoughtful amenities, fabulous changing rooms, treatment rooms with showers, two double rooms, lovely new relaxation suite simply tailored to every clients needs. We love the Zen team, they so incredible, welcoming, helpful, knowledgable and pleasant. It has the most gorgeous ambiance and community feel. A truly amazing unique Zen experience from beginning to end. 

We always enjoy our treatments and experience every time, cocooned in relaxation and the Zen community ambiance. Mum & I have went to a lot of spas, we have to say Zen Day Spa is the most amazing place offering outstanding treatments, the best we have ever had. Everything is under one roof from beauty treatments, spa treatments, aesthetics such as semi-permanent make-up; Lipo Firm & Lift Facials; Lipofirm body contouring treatments. We have tried everything so far…Love everything and we cannot wait to experience the new wellness & aesthetic treatments as well as schedule of events that the girls have planned in future.

It is inspiration and a credit to Lisa, Catherine and the Zen team what unique business that has been locally built, how it has expanded to more than four times its size in less than 3 years; how the team focus on helping so many people improve wellbeing as well as beauty differences; have touched so many peoples hearts as they are so passionate they are about their jobs and how they want to make a difference in the community. We love how they are always listening to their clients feedback, building loyalty and trust, trying to implement new treatments as well as experiences and surprises to ensure all their clients have the best experience every time – you feel a part of Zen Day Spas journey. Thank you Zen Day Spa for making us feel special and we are delighted that Zen Day Spa received the All Star Business recognition you truly deserve”.